Team & countries

Ceva is now a world leading provider of poultry vaccination equipment and assists thousands of customers globally in improving the quality of their vaccination

In 2008, Ceva acquired Desvac in France, the leader in spray, intramuscular and sub-cutaneous applications and in 2013 Ceva integrated Ecat, a front runner in hatchery automation technology and In Ovo injection.

- Global expertise since 1996
- Two equipment R&D and manufacturing facilities in France
- Over 100 employees in R&D and industrial operation
- Over 70 vaccination specialists worldwide

Leader in Vaccination Service

Our farms and hatchery vaccination service teams visit their customers on a pre-agreed basis and conduct a number of tests and measurements according to our procedures. Their objective is to work in partnership with production teams to improve the quality of vaccination to achieve 100% of birds well vaccinated.
We cover all areas of the vaccination process during our routine visits :

  • Vaccine Preparation
  • Dosage control
  • Equipment care
  • Staff training
  • Bird quality

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