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Desvac Spray Fan

A Hand-held Fan Sprayer for Farm Vaccination

Tech Sheet - Desvac Spray Fan_EN.pdf

An air assisted hand-held spinning disc sprayer. Using the Controlled Droplet Application technique (CDA), it generates homogeneous droplets of approximately 70 microns. The Desvac Spray Fan can propel droplets up to 5 metres. The capacity of the tank is 1 litre which corresponds to 10 minutes of vaccination.The Desvac Spray Fan  can vaccinate approximately 20,000 birds in 30 minutes.

Pathologies: Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle Disease

Ceva Vaccines: Cevac Vitapest L, Cevac Vitabron, Cevac iBird

Key Feature & Benefits:
  • Homogeneous spray distribution
  • Precise droplet size: 70 µm
  • Capacity of  20,000 birds in 30 minutes
  • Easy to operate

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