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Desvac Kit 1

Hand-held Sprayer for Farm Vaccination

Tech Sheet - Desvac Kits_EN.pdf

Desvac Kit 1 is a knapsack sprayer for coarse spray (big droplets) vaccination of poultry. The sprayer is generally used for spray vaccination of poultry against respiratory diseases. For a quality spray pattern, nozzles can be regulated to change droplet size.

Pathologies: Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle Disease, Coccidiosis, Avian Metapneumovirus, E. Coli

Ceva Vaccines: Cevac Vitapest L, Cevac Vitabron L, Cevac iBird

Key Features & Benefits
  • Long lasting sturdy material
  • Range of 115 – 240 microns
  • Manometer regulated pressure
  • Changeable flow rate

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