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Desvac Hatch Spray

Our automatic spray cabinet, Desvac Hatch Spray, is a very adaptable and convenient method of administering live vaccines. Its four nozzles spray a wide range of droplet size in a uniform mist.

Pathologies: Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle Disease, Coccidiosis, Avian Metapneumovirus, E. coli

Ceva Vaccines: Cevac Vitapest L, Cevac Vitabron L, Cevac iBird

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Uniform spray pattern with 4 nozzles at 150 µm to 300 µm
  • Accurate dosage delivering from 10ml to 22ml
  • Easy to operate
  • Resistant long lasting material
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP) cycle for better hygiene
  • Adjustable to all types of crate, minimizing vaccine waste and maximizing vaccine efficacy

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