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Desvac Cage Spray

Sprayer for Vaccination for Birds Housed in Cages

Tech Sheet - Desvac Cage Spray_EN.pdf

Tech Sheet - Desvac Cage Spray_CHN.pdf

The battery powered Desvac Cage Spray is a high capacity sprayer to vaccinate up to 50,000 birds in cages per hour. The constant pressure and adjustable nozzles ensure a quality and even vaccination spray.

Pathologies: Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle Disease

Ceva Vaccines: Cevac Vitapest L, Cevac Vitabron L, Cevac iBird

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Constant flow rate and stable pressure guarantee quality vaccination
  • Speed indicator ensures dosage control & prevent vaccine waste
  • Long lasting battery for up to 5 hours
  • Can spray on both sides at up to 6 levels
  • All nozzles can be adjusted individually
  • Long lasting durable material

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