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Ceva Digital Thaw Bath

Digital water bath for Frozen Vaccines

Tech Sheet - Ceva Digital Thaw Bath.pdf

Reliable digital thaw bath system that guarantees accurate thawing process for cell associated frozen-vaccines

Ceva Vaccines: Vectormune ND, Vectormune AI, Vectormune IBD, Cevac MD Rispens and combinations

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Digital selection of parame-ters with real visualization of temperature and time dis-plays.
  • The unit is thermally isolated between tank and the exter-nal case, allowing a higher general performance, a better temperature homoge-nization and energy saving.
  • Highly appropriate to use in Bi-ology particularly with the cell associated frozen vac-cines.
  • With 5 Li capacity.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Equipped with an automatic alarm (ALM) system.

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