The best vaccines can only work if they are administered properly, inside the bird or the egg, in the right place, at the right dose and in a clean environment. A high performing equipment is essential in achieving this difficult objective.

You have three factors to consider before making a decision.


The first principle is simple : the right equipment has to match your present production system and be capable of meeting your future needs for expansion..and for this you should ask an expert!. It is true for a simple spray cabinet as it is for a large in ovo equipment. For example, a hatchery wanted to upgrade its subcutaneous vaccination process to a large in ovo machine will require an in-depth feasibility analysis to compute all the parameters such as production volume, biosecurity measures, expected vaccination speed, automation rate and labor utilisation, vaccines used...etc. 


The second principle calls for achieving the balance between speed and quality; and we recommend you always prioritise quality first! Remember that our aim is to achieve 100% of birds well vaccinated to offer the maximum protection. The most important factor here is to have an equipment which can be adjusted according to many variables like flock size, vaccines used, labor skills..etc. In case of IB spray vaccination for instance, the nozzle size and pressure must be specific. Secondly, the equipment should be built to perform consistently under hatchery conditions and guaranteeing constant quality, chicks after chicks. So put in place a regular monitoring program to check the dosing accuracy and good operation of the equipment.


Finally the third principle is to have a regular quality monitoring system in place : the operators should check on a regularly basis the quality of administration using the standard methods for spray or injection. If these best practices should stay in place, operators have now access to smart equipment (Desvac In Line Spray) which are now fitted with alarms and information about vaccine dosage variation, pressure fluctuation, empty tanks alarm..etc. The Hatchery Manager can then easily download the information for analysis and reporting.

Wishing you good quality vaccination!

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